SmartHome LED strips

SmartHome LED strips

LED strips are the most convenient way to create stylish lighting effects as well as eye-friendly indirect light. The narrow and shallow strap is easy to attach and hide behind the furniture or to the skirting boards.

LED strips have been very popular with interior designers for some time because of their versatility. LED strips are easy to install and easy to create a finished and expressive interior. The LED strips controlled via the SmartHome app bring another delightful dimension to the game! The app allows for a myriad of adjustment and editing options, leaving the creation of the right atmosphere to your liking. It's easy anyway, and so much fun - give it a try though! Airam SmartHome LED strips come in a variety of lengths and can be used to create a single unit up to five meters long behind a single transformer.

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LED strips with RGB means that you can freely choose between 16 million colours in your installation! Airam Smart Home LED strips are easy to install. Self-adhesive tape on the back of the strip allows you to mount on most surfaces and surfaces. Lighting control is conveniently done with the mobile app just like with the smart light sources. You just follow the instructions in the app and soon you will be up and running with your SmartHome! Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

LED strips are particularly suitable for indirect lighting and for creating an atmosphere. Light creates space and feeling even in a small room. Why not install LED strips in surprising places such as under the edges of a sofa, bookshelf, desk or bed? You can set the colors of the Pixel and Neon LED strips to change in a wonderful sliding way, if you want.

Discover the possibilities of SmartHome through tutorial videos.