Airam SmartHome LED lamps

With Airam SmartHome, you can easily create atmosphere, comfort and peace of mind in your home with light. Try it, tune it, time it and fall in love with it! The lighting that suits the space and mood you don’t even need to think about it. It just feels ... inexplicably comfortable.

Airam SmartHome Opal CCT

Enjoy your home more.

Welcome to the world of Airam SmartHome, where the light is adjusted the way you want it. If the lighting in your home has always been one-sided and scarce, meaning you haven’t had control options like dimmers or multiple dots of light, it can be hard to see the benefits of versatile lighting. When you try, we promise you will love it! Airam SmartHome lamps make experimenting easy: get an Airam SmartHome lamp, attach it to your old luminaire and install the Airam SmartHome app on your phone. If you need installation support or want to learn more about the rich features the app offers, watch our tutorial videos.

Airam SmartHome LED lamps enable wireless light control in your home. You can easily create different lighting effects and group the lamps the way you want. All you need is a WIFI connection (2.4 GHz). You can adjust the Airam SmartHome lamps in a variety of ways according to your mood, situation or time of day. With RGB lamps, you can make your home shine in all colours, with up to 16 million different shades! Decorative amber lampshades are so beautiful you don't even need lampshades. You can dim all Airam SmartHome lamps and change the light colour temperature to your liking. The comprehensive range includes the most common base models, such as the E27, E14 and GU10. The lamp range also includes several dome options in different shapes and sizes.

Easily adjust the functions of Airam SmartHome lamps with your smartphone. The lamps can also be switched on and off with a standard light switch. However, the light switch must be on if you want to control the lamps with the application. Download the app from your own app store. The application is available in Finnish, Swedish and English, depending on your phone settings. Connect the devices to your WiFi network, you don't need a separate hub! Products can also be combined with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Siri Shortcut for voice control. Once you have connected your product to the application, you can take advantage of the product's versatile functions, such as different timing features, circadian rhythms, groupings and light tones, etc. Also pay attention to outdoor lighting and change to Airam SmartHome!

Airam SmartHome Opal CCT

Airam SmartHome Opal CCT LED lamps

LED bulbs with an opal dome adjust to different shades of white light. Dim the light according to the mood and situation.

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Airam SmartHome Clear CCT LED lamps

Airam SmartHome Clear CCT LED lamps

Airam SmartHome Clear CCT LED lamps with clear dome. Adjust the colour temperature of the light from warm to cool white and dim it according to the mood.

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Airam SmartHome CCT RGB

Airam SmartHome CCT RGB LED lamps

See your home in all different shades! SmartHome CCT RGB LEDs are brilliantly adjustable for both white light at different colour temperatures and different shades. Surprise and be surprised!

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Airam SmartHome Amber CCT

Airam SmartHome Amber CCT LED lamps

Beautiful and decorative Airam SmartHome Amber LED lamps with tinted glass dome. White light adjusts to different colour temperatures.

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