Airam’s occupational health and safety policy

Airam’s occupational health and safety policy

Our health and safety policy sets the targets and principles for our occupational health and safety operations. We comply with applicable legislation on occupational health and safety and regulations issued by the authorities. In addition, our health and safety operations are guided by our strategy and sustainability principles, the ISO 45001 standard, the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct, and the UN Global Compact initiative.

The goal of our occupational health and safety operations is to ensure a work community with a high level of safety and well-being, and a workplace where people can focus on their tasks without concerns. We want to strengthen our occupational safety culture in all our operations. The cornerstones of our occupational health and safety work are skilled and motivated personnel and safe work premises, devices, processes, instructions and practices. We induct and train our staff regularly on matters related to occupational health and safety. We ensure the safety of our workspaces via work instructions and safety tours and by encouraging all employees to participate actively in predictive safety work and to take responsibility for their work surroundings. We service and use all machines and devices in compliance with instructions. Health and safety matters are considered from the outset, at the process planning stage.

We undertake to create safe and healthy working conditions to minimise the risk of work-related injuries and health issues. In our health and safety activities, we consider different working conditions our employees encounter in production and warehouse facilities and offices, on journeys to and from work and in remote work. We ensure that other people who work at or visit our facilities can also do so in safe conditions.

We regularly analyse and assess hazards and risks related to occupational health and safety. We monitor accidents and near-miss situations. We investigate all accidents immediately, identify their root causes and take corrective action without delay. Primarily, we undertake to eliminate any hazards. Secondarily, we minimise risks by changing procedures or by requiring employees to use personal protective equipment for certain tasks, for example.  Our goal is to have zero accidents and we believe that all accidents can be avoided.

We are committed to the continuous improvement of our occupational health and safety management system. Airam’s management team regularly reviews the system in terms of its sufficiency, suitability and impact. We develop our health and safety indicators to offer us a better understanding of the impact of our health and safety activities. We undertake to engage and listen to our employees, their representatives and other relevant stakeholders in matters related to well-being, health and safety at work.

Our health and safety policy covers the entire Airam Group, and it is approved by Airam Electric’s CEO and management team. We require our business partners to comply with local health and safety legislation and to manage their health and safety matters in a risk-based manner.