Airam’s quality policy

Airam’s quality policy

In our quality policy, we outline the targets and principles that help us ensure the high quality of our operations, products and services. Our quality operations are guided by our values, ethical principles, the group strategy and the ISO 9001 standard. We comply with laws and regulations that pertain to our operations and products. We ensure that our operations and production meet not only legal requirements but also those that we set ourselves.

Our vision is for Airam to be one of the leading suppliers of lighting solutions in the Nordics, offering a comprehensive product portfolio and superior value-adding services to its selected partners in close customer-centric cooperation to support growth. Our mission is to make good lighting easy for each and everyone.  In line with our strategy, reliability, ease of use and high quality are key factors that we must ensure to achieve excellent customer satisfaction. We undertake to develop our operations and quality management system continuously.

Two goals have been set for Airam’s quality management: our products meet customer expectations and we manage the quality of all our processes. Quality is built on the understanding of customer needs and encompasses all areas from product development and the design and management of the product range to product testing and seamless order and delivery processes.

Quality also means clear processes, instructions and guidance, and straightforward and easy collaboration with our stakeholders. Successful quality operations are manifested in excellent delivery performance, the management of inventories, the share of new products of sales, brand awareness and esteem, customer satisfaction, and the development of Airam’s market share, sales and profitability in accordance with plans.

Our quality policy covers the entire Airam Group and is approved by Airam Electric’s managing director and management team. The realisation of the quality policy is monitored each year.