Smart lamps

Smart led dim-to-warm

Smart led lamps: dim-to-warm ja 3-step

Airam Smart Led bulbs can now be controlled by remote controller or with a normal light switch, without installing dimmers.  Smart LED bulbs are also an environmentally friendly choice because the bulbs do not contain mercury and consume very little energy compared to light output. The E27 base lamp produces 806 lm with only 9 W of energy consumption! 

3-step dim

Easy dimming - works in any luminaire without the need for a separate dimmer. The dimmer can be a normal light switch.


Dim to warm colour temperature

The lamps in this series allow you to easily change the mood: the tone becomes warmer as the light dims. At their brightest, the lamps are pure white (3000 K), and the lowest setting is warm yellow (2000 K). The eco-friendly packages indicate the corresponding incandescent bulb, making the choice easier for consumers. Technical specifications are clearly presented.

Smart led, Dim-to-warm

Smart led 3-step dim