Plant Lights

Lamps for garden lighting

Additional light for house plants and seedlings

During the dark season between October and February, all living house plants benefit from additional light. Gardening enthusiasts then again begin cultivating seedlings in late winter, by putting the first seeds into soil. Indoor seedlings need additional light, at least until the end of March.

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Plant lamps

Airam Lamps 2020

Airam Lamps 2022

Airam’s selection of LED lamps has a suitable bulb for every application and type of luminaire. LED general lamps, LED decorative lamps, LED special lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, plug-in tubes, metal halide lamps.

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Colour rendering and the colour of light

Colour rendering and the colour of light

The colour of light not only affects the way decorative colours, textiles and objects look, but they also have an impact on our energy and performance levels. Lamps also differ in their colour rendering abilities. Choosing the right shades of colour for your home is a matter of taste and there are no absolutely right or wrong answers.

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Design Tapio Wirkkala

Design Tapio Wirkkala

Tapio Wirkkalan vuonna 1959 Airamille suunniteltu WIR-lamppu uudisti valaisinmuotoilua. Linjakas opaalilasinen lamppu, johon oli yhdistetty pelkistetty musta valaisinjohto olivat sisustuksellisia ja kauniita sellaisenaan. Läpivärjätyt ja kirkkaat lasikuvut korostavat lamppujen muotoa ja valon miellyttävyyttä.

Selaa Wirkkala K2-valaisinesitettä