Decorative Lamps

Airam lamps 2020

Airam Lamps 2020

Airam’s selection of LED lamps has a suitable bulb for every application and type of luminaire. LED general lamps, LED decorative lamps, LED special lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, plug-in tubes, metal halide lamps.

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Airam Decorative lights 2020

Decorative lights 2020

A Multilingual catalog of the Airam Decorative Lights season 2020. Enjoy and be inspired!

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Design Tapio Wirkkala

Design Tapio Wirkkala

Tapio Wirkkala’s WIR light bulb designed for Airam in 1959 renewed the lamp

design. A sleek opal-glass light bulb combined with a plain black lamp cord was

decorative and beautiful as they were. The completely new lamp design was

awarded the following year at La XII Triennale di Milano.

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