Airam Code of Conduct for suppliers and their subcontractors

 As reflected in the Airam Code of Conduct, Airam is committed to high standards of integrity and sustainability.

Airam has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to unethical business behavior, such as bribery, corruption and forced labor. We expect all of our suppliers to adhere to similar standards and to conduct their business ethically. As a supplier, you must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, the requirements set out in this Airam Supplier Code of Conduct and your contractual obligations to us. 

This Airam Supplier Code of Conduct defines the principles underlying your business activities as one of our supplers. You shall also see, to the extent possible, that your contractors and suppliers will adhere to these principles. 

Human rights 

As a supplier to Airam, you shall 

  • Respect the personal dignity, privacy and rights of each individual; 
  • Refuse to make any person work against his or her will; and 
  • Prohibit behavior including gestures, language and physical contact, that is sexual, coercive, threatening, abusive or exploitative

Fair labor conditions 

You shall ensure fair labor conditions. In particular, you will 

  • Refrain from employment discrimination based on gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, religion, disability, union membership, political affiliation or sexual orientation; 
  • Respect the rights of employees to freely associate and bargain collectively;
  • Not tolerate or use child labor (below 15 years) in any stage of your activities other than in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations; 
  • Not use any forced labor, including but not limited to involuntary prison labor, victims of slavery and human trafficking and allow all employees the choice to leave their employment freely upon reasonable notice; 
  • Compensate employees fairly and follow local wage regulations and / or collective agreements, and where these do not exist, compensate employees so at the minimum they can meet their basic needs; 
  • Ensure that working hours, including overtime, do not exceed applicable legal requirements, and where such requirements do not exist, we recommend that the regular working hours do not exceed 48 hours per week and the maximum overtime is 12 hours per week; In countries where working hours are not limited by national law, for the sector in question, adequate rest periods shall be regulated between the supplier and the employees and ensure that employees are allowed at least one uninterrupted day off per week. 

Health, safety and environmental management 

You shall provide a safe and healthy workplace for all of your employees and shall conduct your business in an environmentally sustainable way. In particular, you will 

  • Formally appoint a competent person to manage health, safety and environmental programs and improvements; 
  • Establish appropriate organizational structures and procedures for the effective management of health, safety and environmental risks; and 
  • Ensure that all workers are sufficiently aware of these risks and appropriately trained on the implementation of control measures. 

Material compliance and conflict minerals and scarce raw materials

At Airam, we are determined to comply with regulatory and customer requirements regarding quality and the prohibition and restriction of substances, including hazardous substances and conflict minerals. Therefore, suppliers shall ensure that the goods provided to Airam are in compliance with requirements covered under the scope of all relevant regulations.

In particular, you will 

  • Declare to Airam substances which are listed in the “Airam List of Prohibited and Restricted Substances” and contained in the goods you supply to Airam; Implement a policy regarding conflict minerals and exercise due diligence to investigate the source of these minerals; and respond in a timely manner to Airam’s requests for evidence of your compliance with these requirements.

Corporate Governance

Airam follows the development of corporate governance practices and applies them in its own operations to the relevant extent. We pay special attention to supervision and reporting practices to ensure that our operations are lawful and that we comply with these principles. Airam expects that its suppliers also adhere to corporate governance practices.

Business ethics

You shall conduct your business in an ethical manner. In particular, you will

  • Refrain from any and all forms of corruption, extortion and bribery, and specifically ensure that payments, gifts or other commitments to customers (including Airam employees), government officials and any other party are in compliance with applicable anti-bribery laws;
  • Adhere to anti-trust and other competition laws;
  • Disclose to Airam information regarding potential conflicts of interest relating to your activities as an Airam supplier, including disclosure of any financial interest an Airam employee may hold in your business;
  • Protect all confidential information provided by Airam and our respective business partners;
  • Respect intellectual property of others, including Airam and adhere to international trade regulations and export control regulations.

Secure business

You shall conduct your business in a secure manner. In particular, you will implement reasonable measures for minimizing exposure of Airam to security threats such as terrorism, crime, pandemics and natural disasters.

Procurement by supplier

You shall procure goods and services in a responsible manner. In particular, you will select your own tier one suppliers providing goods or services directly or indirectly to Airam based on them agreeing to adhere to standards comparable to those set forth in this Airam Supplier Code of Conduct.

Inspections and corrective actions

In order to ensure and demonstrate compliance with the Airam Supplier Code of Conduct, you shall keep record of all relevant documentation, and provide to us supporting documentation upon request. To verify your compliance, we reserve the right to audit and inspect your operations and facilities, at our own cost and upon reasonable notice, with or without support of a third party. If the results of such an audit or inspection cause us to be of the opinion that you do not comply with this Airam Supplier Code of Conduct, you shall take necessary corrective actions in a timely manner, as directed by us. If you fail to comply with this Airam Supplier Code of Conduct, then we may take action against you, including suspending or terminating your activities as one of our suppliers.